Psycho Sex Dolls was shot mid November last year.


I didn't even have the money to finish the post-production work, but like a lot of filmmakers, you make your films in stages. Getting a film shot is probably the most difficult stage, but there's still various costs at the post and release stage. 

I have self funded 80% and sometimes 100% of my own films in the past, but the world has changed, so most of my freelance corporate work is just to keep my life running. However, filmmaking is all part of the problem solving challenges I get off on. 

I could have went for another kickstarter campaign for the post production costs, but I didn't want to do another campaign until I have delivered all my perks to my backers from the first kickstarter campaign.


I "might" be going for a bigger kickstarter in the summer for a sequel, so doing a kickstarter for post costs is not an option for me. 

Anyway, this is also why I set up this new shopify website here. The film got kickstarted from a poster and a pitch, so I'm selling posters and merch on here to help with the post production finishing costs.

At least on this merch approach, if people support the film, they are getting a product in the post within days. Almost anywhere in the world!  You can also get an "Associate Producer" credit on the film or on a poster with your name on it. At least until the film is locked. 


Deadlines are really important to me, so regardless of my financial circumstances, my objective is to release this film in a few months. I'm looking at April or May. I'll have a specific date later.

There will be a release for cast, crew, kickstarter backers, and for people that bought merch with a streaming film bonus.

Then there will be a release during a kickstarter campaign for the next film. Then a final release on global streaming platforms. 

I'm looking at getting the ball rolling for the sequel in May. I might have an investor for this, but if the deal can't be agreed on soon, I'll be going for a bigger kickstarter. Possibly two films back to back. At least one. 

When you do a kickstarter, it takes all your promotion energy, so I plan also release the first film at the same time as a kickstarter campaign for the second film. Kill two birds with the one stone. Create a buzz for the release and the next film at the same time.

In the meantime my goal is finishing this first film, and also saving to deliver the kickstarter perks to my backers. They helped to create the spark for all this, so I won't be moving on to the sequel until I deliver their perks. 

If you want to help support the film, there's posters and art prints on this website. Also T-Shirts & Mugs. I'll be adding more products soon.

Many thanks to everybody that has supported the film and for the interest in the film.

Also, thank you to everybody that has been buying merch from the store. The funding from this so far has helped to buy a new Mac for the post production work on "Psycho Sex Dolls" 

All the best



Psycho Sex Dolls




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