I was planning to release "Psycho Sex Dolls" in the spring. April or May. A release won't be in April, but it could still be late May if I can raise some post costs within a month. 

The film was shoot in November 2023. I then started editing over Dec-Jan. The main bulk of the editing is already done. I just have a few pick up shots and scenes to do, and some audio work.  

I was planing on funding the post work and release costs myself, which I have done with most of my films. However, times have changed, between the cost of living and such, means I can't self fund a lot of my costs anymore. That's the long term goal. Using the success of one film to fund the next.

I can fund my post costs, but this will take a year to release the film. That kills the energy and momentum I need to build a franchise. The goal is to get several of these films made and released within 24 months, then potentially move on to my plan I have had for years. Create my own warehouse film studio to churn out a factory of work. I want to cut out most of the middle men.  

The production of the film was funded by backers from kickstarter, so I still have their perks to deliver. I won't release the film until I have delivered all their perks. 

I'm talking to a couple of potential sponsors for post cost, and I have some interest for investment, but I would rather just try and fund the post finishing costs with merch sales. 

I have also set up my own CROWD FUNDING PAGE I have added some perks. "Thank you" credits on the film, Producer Credits, and Pre-selling downloads & Blu-Rays. If I can generate enough sales via this way, the film will be out at the end of May. 

I don't want to do a new kickstarter for these finishing costs, as I plan to launch a big campaign for a sequel, so i would rather just try and fund from my website. I don't need to do an ALL or NOTHING as the film is obviously shot, so it will come out. I just want to get it out in the summer to stay on course


The goal is to release the film at the same time as a new kickstarter campaign for the sequel. When you do a kickstarter, you're plugging your film 24/7. So it makes sense to kill two birds with the one stone.

Fund the next kickstarter with a few quid to see the film, and if you like it, help push the campaign or put more money into it. 

The biggest challenge is to get a film shot, so at least I got that done, so the film will be released. However, money buys time.

If you want to help the film to get released this summer, please share, or buy a film credit or some perks in the new collection. I get most of the money from these perks, as the merch perks are a shared profits with the manufacture's 

Thanks so much to everybody that shares and supports the project. 



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