The plan has always been to create a franchise with "Psycho Sex Dolls", because this is a BIG story that's more than a 90 minute feature. 

I already have the next few sequels outlined out. I don't do the full script until I confirm casting on each film. I'll be attaching the cast for the next one soon. 

I have learned from the past that's important to keep moving, creating, building. You have to keep the train moving. Unless you're working with budgets in the millions for production and marketing. Money buys time and exposure. I value my time more than money. 

On my Micro-No budget films, creating, sharing, and momentum IS the marketing. A decent sized cult audience might discover the 1st film after the 3rd film is released. Or even years ahead. 

When you have no money, you are building one supporter, one fan of the project at a time. They follow what you have been building, but the WORLD is oblivious to it!  That even applies to budget films. How many times have you saw a film with names in it and discover it was released a couple of years ago. Happens with most films. 

My point. My 3rd film might get more on the radar to a cult size audience, then people can go back to see how all this started. Meaning, the first film becomes like the "Prequel" That has happened quite a bit on my small Crime Lord series.

A lot of people of people saw the second season (Feature) length film on Amazon and Apple TV, then went and watched the first season that was made years before. Of course I didn't make any money, because I never built multiple revenue streams around it, but I still own all my IP (Intellectual property) So I can release it on books and hold the rights for potential future deals. 

Crime Lord took too long, as I was scraping money together for an episode like every six months. Just to make a full season. By the time I released it, the little buzz I was starting was gone.

However, I get messages a lot from people asking if there will be any more films, after they just saw it now. They go on a mail list for that film. If I ended up with thousands on a mail list in 2-3 years, it "might" get a third film. 

I won't make that same mistake again with Psycho Sex Dolls. These will all be feature length stand alone films, and I want them made and RELEASED every six months. A whole franchise out in a couple of years. A factory like prolific output. I just need this first one to roll. 

This first dolls film is almost complete. I just need to raise the final finishing costs to release it at the end of May. The marketing then kicks off with a new kickstarter campaign for the sequel.

This is also the start of the marketing for the first one. Pushing it for the rest of the year, as we push to make and shoot the sequel. Then rinse and repeat as it grows and gathers traction. 

If you want to help us finish this first one, check out the CROWD FUNDING PAGE or check out the MERCH on this website. 

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