Why I will keep building this, with or without permission

Filmmaking is expensive, even at the no budget level.

Unlike painting a picture, writing a novel, or writing a song and recording it on a laptop, filmmaking is a creative craft that still requires money for every production. Whether that's £1000 or £100m. So you have to get creative to keep creating. 

I have shot this feature film "Psycho Sex Dolls" and the goal is to turn it into a film franchise. It has a much bigger story than one feature film, so I'm driven to keep it going. 

I'll release the first film in a few months, and the goal is to raise more money to do the sequel this year. I don't need a lot of money, because I'm happy to build gradually. However, the reality is, it needs at least double or 3 or 4 times the budget of the first film.

I'm confident I can do it, but unless I have the money in my back pocket, I can't gaurentee I will. However, I decided after years of gaps of not making films because of money, that I would not stop being creative again. I'll never wait for permission.

If people want to get on board because they like what I'm trying to build, then cool. I keep making films. However, if I don't have enough money to make the next film, then I will still keep creating. 

I started writing the novel version of this film, which to be honest, it gives me more creative options, as I'm not restricted in any way. It  gives me the creative outlet to tell the stories I want to tell.

A lot of the AI art I share is based on the novel version, and the look the story evolves into if I can grow with filmed sequels.

I done the same with a crime series I made that was a much bigger story. I haven't finished that novel yet, simply because I was making that filmed series for such a long time, so I needed a break from it. 

That's why I'm full on with the "Psycho Sex Dolls" franchise. If I can build it as a micro budget film franchise, then cool. I'll do it side by side 'with the novels. 

My whole point is. If you have a creative heart, and you need to tell stories, there is no excuse today, but we do need to be entrepreneurial and evolve to keep creating. 

We also need to get business savvy, because unlike a lot of creative paths, filmmakers always need money for every creation. That means filmmakers should be great business people too, but most of us are not that good with the business side of things. Me included, but that shit can be learned if you're driven and passionate to get your films made. 

My point is. Either way, whether as a franchise of micro budget films, supported by novels, or just as novels for this bigger story, nothing is standing in my way to keep creating. 

I'll never wait for permission anymore. 

Psycho Sex Dolls is in post production for a spring release. While you're here, check out the store to help support the project.

Sales from the merch on here goes towards completing the post production on this first film, and towards the sequel film.

Thanks for reading.



David Wilde


Psycho Sex Dolls

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